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Product Spotlight: Workpro's Outside In Range

Posted by Will Dixon on

Fun Room Project

We are always on the lookout for modern and innovative products that can help to transform any workspace, and that's why we are excited to introduce a selection of Workpro Outside In Meeting Booths to our already impressive range of Pods and Cubicles.

Outside In caught our attention due to its sleek and eye catching design as well as its flexible capabilities, from a formal meeting pod to a breakout space where people can unwind.

Answer to the needs of the modern world

Outside In comes in 3 different sizes to suit any workspace, ranging from a single standing pod to a two and four person seated booth.

Workpro Outside In Single Standing Booth
Workpro Outside In Meeting Pod
Workpro Outside In Double Meeting Pod

The Single Standing Booth can be utilised when someone needs a quiet area to work, away from the distractions of a busy office. Its transparent glass wall and door will achieve this, as well as the motion sensor controlled ventilation system that will help towards being comfortable and relaxed. Paired with a fabric finished stool and worktable, it's perfect for smaller offices spaces that require areas where staff can work privately and efficiently.

Larger in size, the two person Meeting Pod is even more flexible than its smaller predecessor. Coming with 2 seats and an optional table, this pod can be used as a meeting area or simply a comfortable breakout space. It can be mixed and matched with other meeting booths to create a meeting space or be a private and intimate space with the addition of a closing wall. It provides the user with a real sense of privacy that breeds focus and contemplation.

The final offering in this range is the Double Meeting Pod. The biggest in the range, this product combines the other two configurations to create a stunning workspace that lets staff isolate themselves from the rest of the office. Much like the single booth it comes with a glass door and ventilation system but differs in the fact it is built for up to 4 people, meaning formal meetings can be held in complete privacy. Along with lighting and power options, this booth is practically an office within an office.

Return to creativity

Workpro Outside In Meeting Booths
Workpro Outside In Meeting Booths

Outside In isn't only a functional solution, it can also act as the focal point. The powder painted construction injects colour and style, and twinned with wide ranging fabric finishes you can either match the booth with corporate colours or make it stand out. With wood board finishes also available, there really are no barriers to creativity.

Overall the Outside In range offers a modern solution to a modern problem. With office spaces becoming more and more open and fluid, the need for private spaces has never been more prevalent. There is really no need to look further than these booths, and here at OFAI we believe Outside In can elevate your workspace to something special.

If you're interested in learning more about this product, please contact us on 0800 6347 415 or and we can discuss your requirements. Following this we'll be able to provide you with an accurate quote based on the information given.

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