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The Power of Planting by Percy Smith

Posted by Will Dixon on

The Power of Planting

Plants, Biophilia, Greenery… They seem to be all the rage nowadays. But why? Is it just a fanciful trend that will soon be replaced? Or is there something more at play here?

The Visual Boost

Straight off the bat, we know that planting looks beautiful, right? That lovely splash of green will transform any office space. And this visual improvement to a space has a big positive effect on employees. A visually pleasing office space helps employees to relax, and puts them in a positive mindset, helping their mental wellbeing and enabling them to do their best work.

The Power of Planting
The Power of Planting

The Purification Benefits

Plants clean the air. We’ve probably all had the 1980’s NASA studies rammed down our throats time and time again, but it’s true – they really do pull toxins and nasties out the air to help us inhabit our surroundings more comfortably. They also help keep the humidity in the air balanced, as air conditioning systems often cause the air in an office to become seriously dry, so planting is essential to add some humidity back. These air cleaning benefits mean that minor coughs, headaches and other ailments are greatly reduced, leading to less short term sickness, and a higher performing team.

The Power of Planting

The Stats

Ah stats, we love them. Did you know planting increases productivity by 15%? And reduces depression by 58%? It also reduces fatigue by 38%, anxiety and tension by 37%, ad short term absenteeism by 10%. Woah! This shows that planting can have a dramatic effect on your people, productivity, and your pennies. If you want to find out your ROI from putting plants in your space, you can do by visiting the Plant Plan ROI Calculator here.

Plants are becoming an absolute necessity in the office. In todays hyper-connected world, we need some elements of nature to remind us of the simple elements in life. Planting and greenery does just that.

A huge thank you to Percy Smith of Plant Plan for writing this blog. For more on this subject and to keep up to date, follow him on LinkedIn where he posts daily about planting and biophilia.

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