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Fleet - High Back Leather Faced Executive Visitor Armchair with Ruched Panel Detailing

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The high back leather-faced executive visitor armchair you've described offers comfort and style for visitors in office settings.

  • Design: The chair features a high back with ruched panel detailing on a generously proportioned seat and backrest, providing a stylish and comfortable design.
  • Foam Cushioning: The seat and backrest are sculptured with deep fill foam, enhancing comfort and support for visitors during moderate use.
  • Arms: Stylish heavy-duty arms are included, providing additional support and comfort for visitors.
  • Frame: The chair comes with a chrome cantilever frame, adding a modern and durable structure. The cantilever design provides a sleek and contemporary look.
  • Usage Duration: Suitable for moderate use, ranging from 3 to 5 hours. This makes it ideal for visitor seating where individuals may spend a limited amount of time.
  • Weight Capacity: The chair has a weight capacity of 110kg, ensuring stability and durability for a variety of users.

Overall, this executive visitor armchair combines aesthetics, comfort, and functionality, making it a suitable choice for welcoming visitors in office environments. The ruched panel detailing and chrome elements contribute to a professional and modern appearance.


Seat width: 470; Seat depth: 490; Seat height: 460;

Back width: 480; Back height: 570;