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Denver - Large Straight Reception Unit

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The Valley reception furniture is designed to create a welcoming and functional space for various visitors in your business, ensuring a positive first impression.

  • Durable Construction: The unit is constructed with 25mm melamine beech surfaces, which are not only stylish but also resistant to scratches and heat, ensuring the furniture maintains its appearance over time.

  • Ample Storage: It provides sufficient storage space to keep the reception area uncluttered, allowing for a clean and organized workspace.

  • Color Options: The Valley reception furniture is available in two color options: beech and beech with optional white panels. This versatility allows you to choose a look that matches your office decor.

  • Configurability: The modular design of the Valley unit allows for various configurations to create a commanding reception feature. This flexibility enables you to tailor the furniture to your specific space and needs.

  • Easy Assembly: The unit is designed for easy assembly with a simple cam and pin construction, and it includes adjustable height leveling feet to ensure stability and a level surface.

The Valley reception furniture is a versatile solution to enhance the reception area of your business, ensuring that it makes a lasting and positive impression on visitors, whether they are valued customers or potential new hires attending interviews.


  • 1x Straight glass shelf 790mm
  • 2x Straight top unit 1200mm
  • 3x Straight base unit 1200mm