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Denver - Modular 90° Corner Base Unit

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The Denver modular reception unit is a versatile solution for creating a welcoming and functional reception area in your business.

    • Melamine Surfaces: The unit features 25mm melamine surfaces available in beech, with the option to add white panels for a more customized and unique appearance. These surfaces are durable and resistant to scratches and heat.
      • Adequate Storage: The unit is designed to provide ample storage space, ensuring that the reception area remains organized and clutter-free. This contributes to a professional and efficient workspace.
        • Corner Base Unit: The inclusion of a corner base unit allows you to create a curved desk shape, adding visual interest to the reception area. This unique design can make a lasting impression on visitors.
          • Multiple Desk Configurations: The modular nature of the Denver reception unit allows you to create multiple desk configurations to accommodate the various tasks carried out in the reception area. This flexibility ensures that the space is tailored to your specific needs.
            • Robust Construction: The unit is built to be robust and durable, featuring 2mm ABS edging. It is supplied fully built for your convenience, saving you time and effort during installation.
              • Simple Installation: The unit is constructed with a simple cam and pin construction, and it includes adjustable height levelling feet. This makes the assembly process straightforward and hassle-free.

                In summary, the Denver modular reception unit is a flexible and versatile solution for creating a welcoming and organized reception area. Its combination of storage space, a corner base unit for a curved desk shape, and customizable features allows you to make a lasting first impression on visitors, whether they are valued customers or prospective new hires attending interviews.


                Width: 800; Depth: 800; Heigth: 742;