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Craft Work Table/Island - White

by Teknik
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SKU 5421420

The Craft Work Table/Island in a white finish is a versatile and spacious workstation designed for crafting activities.

    • Spacious Work Surface: The table/island provides a generously spacious work surface, offering ample room for various crafting activities. Whether you're working on large projects or need space to spread out your materials, this work surface accommodates your needs.
      • Melamine Top Surface: The table features a melamine top surface that is heat, stain, and scratch resistant. This durable surface is ideal for crafting, as it can withstand the rigors of various materials and tools. It's also easy to clean and maintain.
        • Three Spacious Storage Drawers: The table includes three spacious storage drawers. What's unique is that these drawers can be pulled out from either side of the table, creating easy access to your crafting supplies and tools. Additionally, these drawers can also be removed and used as trays, offering flexibility in how you use your storage space.
          • Six Open Shelf Cubby Holes: The table provides six open shelf cubby holes, which offer further convenient storage for your crafting materials. These cubby holes are perfect for keeping items within easy reach and organized.

            In summary, the Craft Work Table/Island in white offers a well-designed and practical workspace for crafters. Its spacious and durable work surface, versatile storage drawers that can double as trays, and open shelf cubby holes make it a valuable addition to your craft room. The white finish adds a clean and timeless aesthetic to your workspace, making it both functional and visually appealing.


            Width: 1524; Height: 914; Depth: 762;