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Ithaca - Home Office Desk

by Teknik
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SKU 7700003

The Teknik Office Ithaca Desk is a modern and space-efficient option designed for home offices and study areas.

  • Generous Working Area: The desk provides a spacious working area, offering ample space for various office tasks and activities.
  • Open Recesses for Accessories: The desk top features open recesses, providing convenient spaces to accommodate accessories. This design allows for easy access to items commonly used during work.
  • Discreet Stationery Drawer: The desk includes a discreet stationery drawer mounted on metal runners. This drawer provides additional storage space for organizing work essentials and personal items.
  • Sturdy Angled Legs: The desk is supported by sturdy, angled legs that contribute to its stability and durability. The design of the legs adds a modern and stylish touch to the overall appearance.
  • Riviera Oak Effect Finish: The desk is beautifully finished in Riviera Oak Effect, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. This finish makes it a versatile and complementary addition to various rooms and office color schemes.

The Teknik Office Ithaca Desk combines functionality with a modern design, making it suitable for individuals who prioritize efficient use of space without compromising style.


Width: 1190; Depth: 600; Height: 760;