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Craft Open Storage Cabinet White

by Teknik
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The Craft Home Office Open Storage Cabinet is a versatile and functional storage solution, designed to cater to craft and home office needs.

    • Open Storage Craft Cabinet: This cabinet is designed with open storage, making it easy to access and display your craft items or home office supplies. The open design allows you to quickly locate and retrieve items as needed.
      • Melamine Top Surface: The cabinet is equipped with a melamine top surface that is heat, stain, and scratch resistant. This durable surface provides an additional work surface, allowing you to work on various projects or store items on top of the cabinet.
        • Six Adjustable Shelves: The cabinet includes six adjustable shelves. These shelves can be customized to fit your specific storage needs. Whether you need to store craft supplies, office materials, or decorative items, the adjustable shelves offer versatile storage options.
          • White Finish: The cabinet features a white finish, which can easily complement a range of interior decor styles and colour schemes. The clean and neutral design ensures it can seamlessly integrate into your craft room or home office.

            In summary, the Craft Home Office Open Storage Cabinet is a practical and versatile storage solution that offers open storage and adjustable shelving. The durable melamine top surface provides an additional work area, making it suitable for various crafting and home office activities. Whether you need to organize craft supplies or office materials, this cabinet allows for efficient and flexible storage.


            Width: 814; Height: 762; Depth: 449;