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Liana lounge chair with black metal frame

Original price £320.00
Original price £320.00 - Original price £320.00
Original price £320.00
Current price £200.00
£200.00 - £200.00
Current price £200.00

The Liana lounge chair is a contemporary and versatile seating solution catering to the changing dynamics and preferences in modern workplaces. It combines comfort, style, and versatility, making it suitable for a range of settings where people come together for collaboration and relaxation.

  • Comfortable and Supportive: The chair is designed to provide comfort and support, making it suitable for various applications, including meeting areas, breakout spaces, presentations, low-task office activities, lounges, and receptions.
  • Sturdy Black Metal Frame: The chair features a sturdy black metal frame, providing stability and durability. This frame adds a modern and sleek touch to the chair's design.
  • Curved, Contoured Backs: The backs of the chairs are curved and contoured to enhance comfort, providing ergonomic support for users.
  • Cushions with Arm Rests: The cushions are designed with armrests that fit the curve of the body, offering a comfortable seating experience. This design consideration adds to the ergonomic features of the chair.
  • Ideal for Reception Areas: While soft seating was traditionally associated with reception areas, the Liana lounge chair challenges this norm by being suitable for a range of spaces, including reception and waiting areas.
  • Modern Office or Lounge Seat: The chair is described as having broad appeal and a strong character, making it suitable for modern office environments or lounge spaces. This versatility allows it to adapt to evolving workplace trends and preferences.
  • Velvet-Style Fabric Finish: The chair is available in a velvet-style fabric finish, offering a touch of luxury and sophistication. The availability of two finish options provides flexibility in matching the chair with various office aesthetics.


Height: 750; Width: 780; Depth: 670;

Seat height: 430; Seat width: 510; Seat depth: 500;

Back height: 420; Back width: 470;