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Encore² low back 1 seater sofa 600mm wide with black sled frame

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Encore is an elegant and versatile soft seating solution designed to enhance the comfort and aesthetics of various office spaces. Here are some key features of Encore:

  • Modern Design: Encore features clean, modern lines and is available in options with both high and low backs. The design incorporates built-in lumbar support and angular arms, giving it a contemporary and sophisticated look that complements open-plan offices.
  • Integrated Power Supply: For added convenience, Encore is available with an integrated power supply built into the underframe. This feature allows users to connect and charge their electronic devices while seated.
  • Choice of Frames: Encore offers a choice of distinctive frame options, including black metal sled frames and oak sled frames. These frames contribute to the overall style and functionality of the seating.
  • Comfort and Variety: The deep-foamed seat construction ensures a high level of comfort for users. Additionally, Encore provides a multitude of fabric and colour options for the seat upholstery, allowing you to select the style that best matches your office decor or design preferences.
  • Versatile Usage: Encore is a versatile seating solution suitable for various office settings. It's ideal for use around a matching table in breakout spaces, providing a comfortable environment for employees to collaborate or relax. It's also well-suited for reception or waiting areas, where it can be arranged around a coffee table to create an inviting and functional space.

Encore's combination of style, comfort, and practicality makes it an excellent choice for enhancing office spaces, creating inspiring work environments, and providing a comfortable setting for employees and visitors alike.


Height: 790; Width: 790; Depth: 730;

Seat height: 450; Seat width: 600; Seat depth: 490;

Back height: 590; Back width: 590;