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Newport - Armchair

by Teknik
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The Teknik Office Newport Black Leather Faced Armchair is a sophisticated and minimalist choice for reception areas, providing an elegant and comfortable seating solution.

  • Leather Faced Upholstery: The armchair is upholstered with black leather facings, giving it a sleek and professional appearance. Leather provides a touch of luxury and is easy to clean, making it suitable for high-traffic reception areas.
  • Comfortable Design: Designed for relaxation, the armchair features a cushioned seat and a matching padded backrest. This design ensures that visitors can sit comfortably while waiting, making it ideal for reception and waiting areas where guests may spend some time.
  • Sturdy Wooden Feet: The armchair is supported by smart wooden feet that not only contribute to its elegant look but also provide stability. The combination of leather and wooden elements adds a touch of warmth to the overall design.
  • No Assembly Required: The Newport armchair comes fully assembled, eliminating the need for any setup. This makes it a convenient and instant solution for reception areas, allowing you to create a welcoming environment without any hassle.
  • One or Two Seater Option: The flexibility of choosing between a one-seater or two-seater option allows you to customize the seating arrangement based on the available space and the specific needs of your reception area.
  • Up to 8 Hours General Use: Suitable for up to 8 hours of general use, this armchair is designed to accommodate visitors comfortably during their wait without compromising on comfort.
  • Available in Black Leather: The black leather finish not only adds a touch of sophistication but also makes the armchair versatile, easily complementing various interior styles and colour schemes.

The Teknik Office Newport Black Leather Faced Armchair combines style, comfort, and convenience, making it an excellent choice for creating a welcoming and professional reception area. Its instant usability and elegant design make it a practical solution for busy office spaces.


Seat Height: 480; Seat Depth: 570; Seat Width: 570;

Back Height: 460; Back Width: 600;

Overall Height: 800; Overall Width: 850; Overall Depth: 900;