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Cube Storage Unit Inner Shelf

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The Cube Wooden Storage Units offer versatile and customizable storage solutions for various spaces.

    • 330mm Deep Dividing Shelf: A 330mm deep dividing shelf is available, which is easy to fit within the Cube Wooden Storage Units. This shelf helps create organized sections within the storage unit to suit your specific storage needs.
      • Wood Finishes: The storage accessories, including doors, drawers, and shelves, are available in three wood finishes: Onyx Grey, Kendal Oak, and White. This allows you to match the accessories with the storage unit's finish or mix and match for a customized look.
        • Internal Fittings: These accessories are designed to fit seamlessly into the Cube Wooden Storage Units, providing internal storage options to optimize your space.
          • Drawer Options: You can choose from various drawer configurations, including single or double drawers, to store different items. Drawers offer a neat and concealed storage solution.
            • Cupboard Options: Cupboard accessories are available, providing enclosed storage space for items you prefer to keep out of sight. Some cupboards may include shelves for added organization.
              • Shelving Options: Shelves are available for open storage or display. You can select the number of shelves you need to create a customized storage solution.
                • Packed and Ready to Insert: These accessories are supplied packed and ready to insert into the storage unit. This simplifies the installation process and allows you to start using your storage unit quickly.
                  • Leather Strap Handles: The accessories come with leather strap handles, which not only offer functionality but also add a homely look and feel to your storage solution.
                    • Compatibility: These accessories are compatible with the Cairo Storage range, providing flexibility in how you configure your storage and design your space.

                      In summary, the Cube Wooden Storage Unit accessories, including shelves, doors, drawers, and cupboards, offer a wide range of customization options for your storage needs. With various wood finishes and internal fittings, you can tailor your storage unit to suit your style and preferences, creating an organized and functional storage solution.

                      Width: 400; Height: 18; Depth: 330;