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When crafting yourself the perfect office space the hardest task is sometimes finding matching products that meet your needs. We've taken the stress away with Bundles, a selection of complete sets that perfectly match with each other and come in a range of configurations.

From standard workstations and executive areas to dining and breakout spaces, our Bundles range covers every vital part of a modern and successful workspace.

In order to create the available bundles we've carefully selected products that we believe combine perfectly to make interesting and functional spaces that provide you with every possible piece of furniture you'll need. We've also chosen the most popular finishes, as well as colours that fit in with any style of office so they cater for a wide variety of needs.

We offer bundles from some of our biggest supplier, including the OFAI exclusive Workpro range:

Workstation Bundles

The office workstation is the most important part of any office as it's where staff spent most of their day and it's where they are at their most productive. It needs to meet a number of different requirements including comfort and functionality but also needs to be aesthetically pleasing and match the overall design of your office.

Our bundles provide this and much more. They come in a selection of sizes and finishes (on request) and prices go from more affordable options to premium selections. Including:

Workpro Single Workstation

From £305+VAT

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Workpro Single Ergonomic Workstation

From £205+VAT

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Workpro Rise Plus Sit/Stand Workstation

From £690+VAT

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The above products are just a selection of Workstation we have available. Please click below to see our full range.

All Workstation Bundles

Meeting Bundles

In all offices there needs to be the capability to hold important business meetings away from the busy main office area. It's also important that this area is equipped with formal and functional furniture where larger groups of people can meet.

The Meeting Bundles below are made up of all the products needed and are available in a number of smart finishes. Including:

Workpro Rhine Meeting Room Bundle

From £638+VAT

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Teknik Deco Meeting Bundle

From £325+VAT

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Allsfär Diffuse Duo Meeting Space

From £2910+VAT

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The above products are just a selection of Meeting Bundles we have available. Please click below to see our full range.

All Meeting Bundles

Dining and Breakout Bundles

Dining and Breakout areas are an important place for any office, as it's a space that let staff relax and have some time away from their busy work schedule. That's why it's important that this area is functional but also comfortable and welcoming.

The Breakout and Dining bundles below will inject colour and style into your office, while also providing everything mentioned above. Including:

Workpro Shard Coffee Table Bundle

From £519+VAT

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Social Spaces Cleo Breakout Bundle

From £1157+VAT

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Social Spaces Crew Dining Bundle

From £1629+VAT

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The above products are just a selection of Dining and Breakout Bundles we have available. Please click below to see our full range.

All Dining and Breakout Bundles

All of our bundles come in a standard size and finish, and reflect the photos provided where possible. We also have suggested configuration along with dimensions and sizes in the form of a diagram

However, if you have specific requirements or you'd like the bundle in a different size/finish, please let us know and we can do our best to meet your needs.

If you have any further questions regarding our bundles or any other services, please contact us and we can provide you with any information you need.