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Acrylic Fixed Desktop Screen Brackets - Single

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Introducing our acrylic desktop protection screens, designed to minimise the transmission of airborne germs among colleagues whilst maintaining visibility. Crafted from high-quality 5mm clear acrylic, these screens are anchored by two sturdy clamp desktop brackets compatible with any 25mm desktop. They offer easy installation, straightforward maintenance, and effortless disinfection, presenting a polished solution to mitigate virus spread and establish a secure separation between employees through a transparent and secure barrier.

  • Acrylic screen clamp bracket engineered for use with 700mm high acrylic screens
  • Available in silver, white, and black to seamlessly match frame colours
  • Clear screens designed for hassle-free maintenance and compatibility with antibacterial cleaning
  • Tailored to fit all 25mm desktops
  • Elevated screens to maintain adherence to social distancing guidelines and minimise the risk of airborne germs between colleagues
  • Innovative protective screen solutions promoting employee safety, well-being, and a healthier workplace environment in the contemporary office setting

Upgrade your workspace with our acrylic desktop protection screens, safeguarding your team's health and enhancing their overall well-being.