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Free Standard delivery for UK Mainland.

Acrylic Free-Standing Desktop Screen Bracket

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Presenting a diverse selection of designs and styles, our range of screens not only delivers a level of privacy but also injects a splash of color into your office furniture, infusing character into any workspace. Desktop screens play a pivotal role in enhancing employees' concentration by effectively reducing the distractions caused by the ambient noise of colleagues' telephone conversations or computer activities. Moreover, they contribute to improving office acoustics, creating a more conducive work environment.

  • Aluminium frame desktop screen bracket designed for mid-runs
  • Available in silver, white, and black to seamlessly match frame colours
  • Front-mounted screen bracket, intended for use in conjunction with SA-LINK-KIT

Elevate your office aesthetics and productivity with our diverse range of desktop screens, tailored to suit your unique office environment and individual preferences.