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Adapt II - Single Add On Unit 600mm - Silver Frame

Original price £215.00 - Original price £240.00
Original price
£215.00 - £240.00
Current price £215.00
The Adapt benching system is designed to bring a clean and minimalistic aesthetic to the workplace, featuring a robust steel subframe and bench tops that create a floating visual effect. The shared desk legs enhance the system's visual appeal, cost-effectiveness, and practicality, making it an ideal choice for high-density office spaces. In the modern office environment, the Adapt benching solution truly stands out.

  • 25mm desktops are available in various finishes, including beech, oak, white, walnut, and white with oak edging.
  • Easily extendable with additional add-on units to suit various office configurations.
  • Boasts an extended, durable steel framework and bench tops that convey a floating appearance.
  • A high-quality modular bench desk system, perfectly tailored for modern open-plan office settings.
  • Horizontal and vertical cable management enables organized cable routing from the floor using mass cable risers and shared cable trays.
  • Includes a single straight add-on unit desk, 600mm deep, equipped with scalloped cut-outs in the desktop.

Elevate your office space with the Adapt benching system, a smart solution that combines style, functionality, and efficiency to meet the demands of the contemporary workplace.