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Ascot - Slim High Back Designer Mesh Armchair - Black

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The stunning high back task chair described offers a range of features designed to provide maximum comfort and support for users during extended periods of sitting.
  • Integral Headrest: The chair includes an integral headrest, providing additional support for the user's head and neck. This feature can enhance comfort during tasks that require upper body support.

  • Breathable Moulded Mesh Back: Mesh material allows air circulation and ventilation, helping to keep the user cool and comfortable during extended periods of use.

  • Fixed Integral Lumbar Support: It features a fixed integral lumbar support, which is designed to support the natural curve of the lower back. This support can help alleviate lower back discomfort and promote better posture.

  • Fully Reclining Tilt Mechanism: The chair is equipped with a fully reclining tilt mechanism, allowing users to recline the backrest to their preferred angle. This feature can be locked in the upright position for tasks that require a more vertical posture.

  • Tension Control: Includes a tension control mechanism that can be adjusted to suit the individual user's body weight. This adjustment allows users to control the ease of reclining, ensuring that it matches their comfort and preference.

  • All-Day Use: The chair is suitable for all-day use, making it ideal for office environments where users may spend extended hours working at their desks.

  • Weight Capacity: The chair has a weight capacity of 110kg, indicating its durability and suitability for a range of users.

In summary, this high back task chair is designed to offer maximum comfort and support for users engaged in tasks that require prolonged sitting. Features like the integral headrest, breathable mesh back, lumbar support, and adjustable tilt mechanism contribute to ergonomic seating. Additionally, its all-day use suitability and weight capacity make it a versatile choice for various office settings.


Seat width: 510; Seat depth: 510; Seat height: 440-540;

Back width: 500; Back height: 710;