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Call Centre Chair

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This heavy-duty chair is designed for use in environments where durability and comfort are essential. Here are the key features of this chair:

  • Heavy-Use Environment: This chair is adapted for heavy-use environments, making it suitable for continuous 24-hour use. It is built to withstand the demands of such settings.

  • Thick Moulded Foam Back: The chair features a thick moulded foam back, providing excellent support and comfort for the user, even during extended periods of use.

  • Physio-Approved Design: The chair is physio-approved, ensuring that it promotes proper ergonomics and provides the necessary support for users. It is designed to accommodate users weighing up to 152 kg (approximately 24 stone).

  • Wedge Shaped Cushioning: The cushioning of the chair is wedge-shaped, offering support to the lower back and neck areas, which are critical for maintaining good posture and reducing discomfort during extended sitting.

  • Asynchro Mechanism: The chair is equipped with an Asynchro mechanism featuring torsion control. This mechanism allows each user to adjust the chair to their specific needs, such as recline and tilt, for personalized comfort.

  • 2D Adjustable Arms: The chair comes with 2D height-adjustable arms, which enable users to customize the armrest height for their comfort.

  • Classic Style Base: The chair is supported by a classic style 5-star base, which provides stability and is equipped with castors as standard for ease of movement.

  • BS 5459 (2000) Part 2 Certification: The chair has been tested and certified to meet the BS 5459 (2000) Part 2 standard, ensuring it meets specific requirements for office seating.

This chair is an ideal choice for environments where comfort, durability, and adaptability are crucial. Whether used in 24-hour work settings or other heavy-use applications, it provides the necessary support and adjustability to accommodate a wide range of users. Its physio-approved design ensures that it promotes proper posture and minimizes the risk of discomfort associated with extended sitting.


Width: 700; Depth: 700; Height: 955 - 1115;

Seat Height: 435 - 520; Seat Width: 480; Seat Depth: 460;

Back Height: 540; Back Width: 430;