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Calypso - Medium Mesh Back Task Operator Armchair with

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This chair offers style and comfort at an affordable price, making it a great choice for office use. Here are the key features of this chair:

  • Contoured Medium Back: The chair is designed with a medium contoured backrest, providing a comfortable seating experience. The backrest is shaped to support your back and promote good posture.

  • Posture Contoured AIRFLOW Mesh Back: The chair features a backrest with AIRFLOW mesh detailing. This mesh design enhances breathability and helps keep you cool and comfortable during extended periods of sitting.

  • Control Mechanism: The chair is equipped with a control mechanism that allows the user to fully recline the chair. This feature provides flexibility and lets you adjust the chair to your preferred seating position, contributing to your comfort.

  • Chrome Base: The chair is supported by a chrome base, which not only adds a stylish touch but also provides stability.

  • All-Day Use: This chair is suitable for use throughout the day, making it ideal for tasks that require long periods of sitting, such as desk work. It is designed to provide comfort and support for 5-8 hours of continuous use.

  • Weight Capacity: The chair has a weight capacity of 110 kg (approximately 242 pounds), which should accommodate most users.

In summary, this chair is a comfortable and stylish seating option that is well-suited for office use. The contoured medium back, AIRFLOW mesh backrest, and recline mechanism contribute to a comfortable and supportive seating experience. Whether you're working at a desk or in front of a computer for extended periods, this chair is designed to help you stay comfortable throughout the day.


Seat width: 460; Seat depth: 470; Seat height: 440-520;

Back width: 450; Back height: 390;