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Canasta Visitor PU Chair

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SKU CH0766

The Great Value Leather-Look Visitor's Chair you've described offers a comfortable and budget-friendly seating option for various settings.

  • Leather-Look Material: This visitor's chair is designed with a leather-look finish, giving it an elegant appearance while being cost-effective compared to genuine leather.

  • Fixed Arms: The chair comes with fixed arms, providing additional support and comfort for the user.

  • Cantilever Base: It is constructed on a sturdy black powder-coated cantilever base. The cantilever design offers stability and allows for a slight rocking motion, enhancing comfort.

  • Stylish Stitching Detail: The chair features stylish stitching detail that adds a touch of sophistication to its design.

  • Mid Back: With a mid-back design, this chair offers support for the user's lower and mid-back regions.

  • Plastic Skids: The chair is equipped with plastic skids on the base to prevent floor marking. This feature helps protect your flooring surface.

  • Suitable for Up to 8 Hours Usage: The chair is designed for use up to 8 hours at a stretch, making it suitable for a range of applications, such as in waiting areas, meeting rooms, and more.

  • Weight Capacity: It is suitable for users weighing up to 115 kg (approximately 253 pounds).

This leather-look visitor's chair provides a combination of style and comfort at an affordable price point. It's well-suited for settings where guests or visitors require a comfortable and supportive place to sit, and its stylish design can complement various office and reception area aesthetics.


Width: 620; Depth: 625; Height: 980;

Seat Height: 455; Seat Width: 510; Seat Depth: 510;

Back Height: 590; Back Width: 510;