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Canis – High Back Mesh Chair with Moulded Seat Foam, Folding Arms and Optional Headrest

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The alluring and dependable high-back mesh chair you've described offers a combination of comfort, style, and ergonomic features.

  • High-Back Mesh Design: This chair features an expansive high-back mesh backrest that provides comfort and excellent back support. The mesh material allows for breathability and air circulation, which can help keep the user cool during extended periods of sitting.

  • Optional Headrest: An optional headrest is available, which complements the ergonomic design of the backrest. The headrest provides additional neck and head support for users who prefer it.

  • Plush Molded Foam Seat: The chair is equipped with a molded foam seat that offers plush and comfortable seating. The contoured design of the seat enhances comfort during long periods of sitting.

  • Padded Folding Arms: The chair's padded folding arms provide extra versatility. Users can choose to fold the arms away if they prefer an armless chair or unfold them to have arm support while working.

  • Adjustability: The chair offers several adjustable features:

    • Seat Height Adjustment: Users can adjust the seat height to find their preferred seating position.
    • Tension Control: The tension control can be adjusted to match the user's body weight, allowing for customizable reclining resistance.
    • Back Angle Adjustment: The back angle adjustment can be set to either free-floating or locked in an upright position, providing flexibility in how users recline in the chair.
  • Nylon Base: The chair is supported by a sturdy nylon base, ensuring stability and durability.

This high-back mesh chair is designed to offer users a comfortable and ergonomic seating experience. It's suitable for various office environments, providing support for tasks that require extended periods of sitting. The combination of the mesh backrest, plush seat, and adjustable features makes it a reliable and attractive choice for office seating.