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Caracal Call Centre Chair

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The fully-adjustable high-back operator chair with a chrome base and adjustable arms offers a comfortable and customizable seating solution for extended periods of use.

  • High-Back Design: This chair features a high-back design, which provides support to the entire back, including the upper and lower regions. The high backrest is designed to enhance comfort during extended periods of sitting.

  • Chrome Base: The chair is equipped with a chrome base. Chrome is known for its durability and sleek, modern appearance. The base provides stability and supports the chair's structure.

  • Adjustable Arms: The chair comes with 1D (one-dimensional) adjustable arms as a standard feature. This allows users to customize the armrest height to their preferred level, enhancing ergonomic support for the arms and shoulders.

  • Thick Foam Seat: The chair features a thick foam seat cushion. Foam padding offers comfort and support when seated for long durations. The cushion is designed to provide a comfortable and soft seating surface.

  • Advanced Mechanism: The chair is equipped with an advanced mechanism that offers a range of adjustment options. These adjustments allow users to tailor the chair's settings to their specific needs for optimal comfort during extended use.

  • Ratchet Back: The chair includes a ratchet back mechanism, which is designed to accommodate users of various heights. This feature enables both tall and short users to customize the backrest height to ensure proper lumbar support.

  • Adjustable Lumbar Support: Lumbar support is essential for maintaining a healthy and comfortable seated posture. The chair offers adjustable lumbar support, allowing users to fine-tune the level of support provided to the lower back.

  • Seat Slide: The chair features a seat slide mechanism, which enables users to adjust the seat's depth. This feature is valuable for users who require additional leg support and prefer a customizable seating position.

This high-back operator chair is designed with user comfort and adjustability in mind. The combination of the high backrest, adjustable arms, thick foam seat, and advanced mechanism allows users to personalize their seating experience to meet their specific needs. The chair is suitable for environments where individuals may spend extended periods at a desk or workstation, such as offices or home offices. It offers the versatility and support required for all-day comfort and productivity.


Width: 705; Depth: 720; Height: 1070 - 1210;