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Chroma - Clip-On Power Module

Original price £130.00 - Original price £170.00
Original price
£130.00 - £170.00
Current price £170.00

Experience the convenience and style of Chroma Power Modules, providing power when and where you need it with its array of smart charging and power socket ports. This sleek and practical module is perfect for use in office and educational environments, effortlessly clamping onto the back of tables and desks. It's available in both black and white, with interchangeable rings in blue, green, yellow, and red for a coordinated and vibrant look.

    • Effortless Connectivity: Chroma Power Modules make it easy for users to quickly and efficiently connect a variety of devices, ensuring productivity in any setting.
      • Customizable Aesthetics: With black and white units and a choice of coloured rings (blue, green, yellow, and red), you can personalize your workspace for a stylish, coordinated appearance.
        • Secure Clamping Fixtures: These modules feature excellent clamping fixtures with both top and bottom fix options, ensuring a secure attachment to your tables and desks.
          • Safety Compliance: Manufactured and rigorously tested in accordance with BS6396:2008, these modules meet the highest safety and quality standards.
            • Built-in Spare Fuse: Each socket comes with a spare fuse, providing added convenience and peace of mind.

              Chroma Power Modules are not only practical but also a stylish addition to any desktop, offering both functionality and aesthetics. Whether you need power in the office or an educational setting, these modules are a reliable solution, meeting safety and quality standards while allowing for easy device connectivity.