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Connex - Back to Back Add On Unit - Silver Frame

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The Connex range of office furniture continues to be positioned as a cost-effective and practical solution for modern open plan offices, emphasizing its adaptability to high-density office spaces.

    • Back-to-Back Desk Configuration: The Connex range includes two straight desk add-on units that are designed to be placed back-to-back. This configuration promotes collaboration and efficient space utilization, which is a common requirement in open plan offices.
      • Recessed Centre Leg: Each desk is equipped with a recessed centre leg. This design saves space and provides additional stability. This leg can be extended with further add-on units, allowing for flexibility in desk layout and expansion as needed.
        • Variety of Desktop Finishes: The Connex range offers 25mm desktops available in various finishes, including beech, oak, walnut, grey oak, and white. This variety of finishes allows for customization and integration with the office's design and colour scheme.
          • Steel Leg Frames: The desks feature silver or white rectangular steel leg frames. These frames not only contribute to the overall aesthetics but also enhance the strength and stability of the desks, ensuring durability and longevity.
            • Quick Assembly: Connex is designed for quick assembly, making it a convenient choice for businesses looking to set up their office spaces efficiently and with minimal downtime.
              • Cable Management: Effective cable management is essential in modern offices, and Connex offers both horizontal and vertical cable management options. Cables can be organized and kept out of the way, preventing clutter and tangling. This is further facilitated through cable access ports, mass cable risers, and shared cable trays.

                In summary, the Connex range of office furniture continues to focus on providing an efficient and cost-effective solution for open plan offices, where maximizing space and maintaining a clean and organized workspace is critical. It offers flexibility, adaptability, and durability through its design features, making it suitable for high-density office environments.