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Connex - Back to Back Starter Unit - Silver Frame

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The Connex range of office furniture has been designed to align with the growing popularity of bench solutions in open plan offices. Positioned as a cost-effective alternative to the popular Inspire benching solution, Connex offers various features and benefits for modern office design:

    • Robust Construction: Connex features a twin fixed beam steel frame construction that ensures durability and robustness, making it suitable for the demanding environment of a busy office.
      • High Density Office Spaces: Connex is described as an ideal modular system for high-density office spaces. This means it's well-suited for workplaces where optimizing the use of available space is essential.
        • Back-to-Back Desk Configuration: The Connex range offers two straight desk starter units that can be set up back-to-back. This configuration is conducive to collaboration and efficient space utilization, a common requirement in open plan offices.
          • Expandable System: Connex allows for easy expansion into a modular bench desk system. Additional back-to-back desk add-on units can be integrated into the setup as needed, providing flexibility for future growth or changes in the office layout.
            • Variety of Desktop Finishes: The range offers 25mm desktops available in various finishes, including beech, oak, walnut, grey oak, and white. This variety allows for customization to match the office's design and aesthetics.
              • Steel Leg Frames: The desks are supported by silver or white rectangular steel leg frames. These frames not only enhance the overall aesthetics but also provide additional strength and stability.
                • Space and Cost Savings: Connex is designed to be cost-effective and space-efficient. The shared legs between desk clusters, along with the recessed centre leg support, help optimize space and reduce costs when setting up multiple desks.
                  • Cable Management: Effective cable management is emphasized, with both horizontal and vertical cable management solutions provided. This allows for organized and tidy cable routing, minimizing clutter and tangling. Mass cable risers and shared cable trays are available to facilitate this.