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Connex - Double Cable Tray

Original price £118.00 - Original price £130.00
Original price
£118.00 - £130.00
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The Connex range of office furniture has been created to meet the growing demand for bench solutions in open plan offices. It's positioned as a cost-effective alternative to the popular Adapt benching solution and offers several features and benefits for modern office design:

    • Cable Management: Connex emphasizes effective cable management to improve office aesthetics and safety. It provides both horizontal and vertical cable management options, allowing cables to rise from the floor using single leg and mass cable risers. This helps in keeping cables organized, preventing clutter, and enhancing the overall appearance of the office.
      • Under-Desk Cable Positioning: The cable management system is positioned under the desk, ensuring that cables are out of the way but still easily accessible. This design not only maintains a clean and organized workspace but also makes it convenient to manage and access cables when needed.
        • High Density Office Spaces: Connex is designed as a modular bench desk system suitable for high-density office spaces. This makes it ideal for workplaces where efficient space utilization is crucial.
          • Shared Cable Tray: The Connex range includes a shared cable tray that is centrally positioned between two back-to-back desks. This layout promotes a tidy and organized cable management system, contributing to a safer and more aesthetically pleasing office environment.
            • Quick Assembly: Connex is designed for quick and easy assembly, making it a convenient choice for businesses looking to set up their office spaces efficiently and with minimal downtime.