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Contract 25 - Ergonomic Panel End Leg Desk with 2 Drawer Pedestal - Right Hand

Original price £430.00 - Original price £450.00
Original price
£430.00 - £450.00
Current price £430.00

The Contract 25 range offers a versatile and comprehensive selection of office furniture options to meet various requirements related to function, style, and budget.

    • Diverse Desk and Leg Options: The Contract 25 range provides a wide range of configurations and desk options. It is available with three distinct leg designs: cantilever leg, H-Frame leg, and panel end leg. This variety ensures that you can choose the design that aligns with your specific needs and preferences, whether related to functionality, style, or cost considerations.
      • Coordinated Storage Solutions: The range offers a choice of matching storage solutions that are designed to complement the range. This coordinated approach ensures that all the storage needs of a well-functioning office environment can be addressed seamlessly.
        • Variety of Desktop Finishes: Desktops in the Contract 25 range are available in three finish options: beech, oak, and white. This choice of finishes allows you to select the one that best suits the overall design and aesthetic of your office space.
          • Ergonomic Right-Hand Desktops: The range includes ergonomic right-hand desktops with panel ends. These are designed with user comfort and functionality in mind, providing a comfortable and practical workspace for users.
            • Fixed Pedestals: The Contract 25 range offers fixed pedestals that come with a choice of silver or graphite finger pull handles. These pedestals provide convenient storage solutions for office supplies and documents while maintaining a coordinated and modern look.
              • Durable Panel End Legs: The panel end legs are constructed from 25mm melamine with 2mm ABS edging. This construction ensures durability and longevity, with edging that can withstand everyday wear and tear.
                • Sturdy Fixed Pedestal with Drawers: The fixed pedestal included in the range features a sturdy design and includes one shallow drawer and one filing drawer. This configuration allows for organized storage of various office items, including documents.

                  In summary, the Contract 25 range provides a comprehensive solution for office environments, offering a variety of desk and leg options, coordinated storage solutions, a choice of desktop finishes, ergonomic design, and durable construction. These features make it a versatile choice for offices with diverse needs, allowing for a well-functioning and modern office environment that aligns with budget considerations.