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Contract 25 - Straight Desk with Panel Leg

Original price £185.00 - Original price £220.00
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£185.00 - £220.00
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The Contract 25 range is a versatile collection of office furniture designed to cater to a variety of needs, including function, style, and budget.

    • Diverse Desk and Leg Options: The Contract 25 range offers a wide range of configurations and desk options, including cantilever leg, H-Frame leg, and panel end leg designs. This diversity allows you to choose the design that best aligns with your specific requirements, whether based on function, style, or budget considerations.
      • Coordinated Storage Solutions: The range provides an extensive selection of coordinated storage solutions, including pedestals, bookcases, and cupboards. These storage options are designed to complement the range and ensure that all the storage needs of a well-functioning office environment are met.
        • Back Modesty Panel: Each desk within the range includes an 18mm back modesty panel. This panel not only adds to the visual appeal of the desk but also provides privacy and conceals wiring and cables, contributing to a neat and organized office environment.
          • Single Hot Desks or Large Clusters: The Contract 25 range allows you to create single hot desks or large clusters, offering flexibility in office layout and design. The desks feature sturdy 25mm melamine worktops for durability and functionality.
            • Variety of Desktop Finishes: Desktops in the Contract 25 range are available in three finish options: beech, oak, and white. This choice of finishes allows you to select the one that best matches the overall design and aesthetic of your office space.
              • Durable Panel End Legs: The panel end legs in this range are manufactured from 25mm melamine with 2mm ABS edging. This construction ensures durability and longevity, with the ABS edging designed to withstand everyday wear and tear.
                • Rectangular Desks with Cable Access Port: The Contract 25 range features rectangular desks with a depth of 800mm, panel ends, and a single cable access port. This design enhances functionality and cable management, providing a convenient and organized workspace.

                  In summary, the Contract 25 range offers a comprehensive solution for office environments, providing a variety of desk and leg options, coordinated storage solutions, a choice of desktop finishes, ergonomic design, and durable construction. These features make it a versatile choice for offices with diverse needs, allowing for a well-functioning and modern office environment that aligns with budget considerations.