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Cornwall - Fabric Operator Chair

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The Cornwall chair is specifically designed for durability, making it a perfect fit for high-intensity work environments such as call centres, healthcare facilities, or public services, where chairs are expected to perform consistently throughout the day.

    • Ergonomic 'Tulip' Shaped Backrest: The chair is equipped with an ergonomic backrest designed in a 'tulip' shape. This backrest provides support and comfort to users throughout their workday. It also incorporates lumbar support, which is essential for maintaining good posture and reducing the risk of discomfort.
      • Gas Height Adjustment with Seat Slide: The chair offers gas height adjustment, allowing users to customize the chair's height to their preferences. Additionally, it features a seat slide mechanism, enabling users to adjust the depth of the seat, enhancing ergonomic comfort.
        • Height Adjustable Soft Padded Arms: The Cornwall chair comes with height-adjustable soft padded arms. These armrests can be set at the desired height, providing support for users' arms and shoulders, contributing to overall comfort during extended periods of use.
          • High Back Fabric Operator Chair: The chair features a high back design, offering ample support for the upper back and shoulders. It is suitable for 24-hour usage, ensuring it can meet the demands of round-the-clock work environments.
            • Sculptured Posture Curved Seat: The chair's seat is designed to promote good posture, with a sculptured and curved shape. It features a waterfall front, which helps reduce pressure on the legs and enhances comfort during extended sitting. The seat also includes a seat slide function for added adjustability.
              • Synchro Mechanism with Seat and Back Tilt: The chair is equipped with a synchro mechanism, which allows synchronized tilting of the seat and backrest. This feature enables users to recline and adjust their seating position to their liking, improving overall comfort and ergonomics.

                In summary, the Cornwall chair is specifically tailored for demanding work environments, ensuring durability, ergonomic comfort, and adjustability for users who need to use their chairs for extended periods. Its design, lumbar support, and adjustable features make it a practical choice for call centres, healthcare facilities, public services, and other high-intensity workplaces.


                Width: 660; Depth: 675; Height: 1010-1165;

                Seat Height: 470-560; Seat Width: 490; Seat Depth: 500;

                Back Height: 600; Back Width: 505;