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Counter Height Work Bench Chalked Chestnut

by Teknik
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£440.00 - £440.00
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SKU 5427128

The Teknik Office Counter Height Work Bench is a versatile and neutral-colored option suitable for various office styles. Despite its compact size, it offers ample space for writing and computer work.

    • Generous Working Area: The workbench provides a generous working area, allowing users to comfortably engage in various tasks, including writing and computer work.
      • One-Inch Thick "Split" Top: The workbench features a one-inch thick "split" top. This design allows for a convenient path for cables, helping to keep the workspace organized and cables neatly managed.
        • Multi-Purpose Design: The workbench has a multi-purpose design, making it versatile for different office needs. When open, it can accommodate up to four people, making it an excellent choice for collaborative work or meetings.
          • 360 Degree All-Round Finish: The workbench boasts a 360-degree finish, which means it is well-finished from all sides. This feature allows the workbench to be freestanding, giving you the flexibility to place it in various locations within your office space.

            In summary, the Teknik Office Counter Height Work Bench offers a well-designed and versatile workspace solution. Its spacious working area, cable management feature, multi-purpose design, and 360-degree finish make it a practical choice for offices that require a compact yet functional workspace for individual tasks or collaborative work.


            Width: 1400; Depth: 650; Height: 899;