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Craft Organiser Hutch - White

by Teknik
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The Craft Home Office Organizer Hutch in white is a versatile storage and organization solution designed for craft and home office spaces. Here are the key features of this organizer hutch:

    • Two Storage Drawers: The hutch is equipped with two storage drawers that feature full extension slides. These drawers provide additional storage space for your craft supplies, office materials, or other items you need to keep organized.
      • Cubbyhole Shelving: The hutch features cubbyhole shelving, which offers convenient storage for various craft items. Whether you need a place to store crafting tools, supplies, or decorative items, the cubbyhole design allows for easy access and organization.
        • Enclosed Back with Cord Access: The hutch has an enclosed back with cord access. This design feature allows for a convenient path for cables. It's particularly useful for managing and organizing cables from electronic devices or crafting equipment, helping to maintain a tidy workspace.
          • White Finish: The hutch is finished in white, which provides a clean and neutral aesthetic that can easily blend with different interior decor styles and colour schemes. It adds a fresh and airy look to your craft room or home office.

            In summary, the Craft Home Office Organizer Hutch is a practical addition to your craft or home office space. With storage drawers, cubbyhole shelving, and cord management features, it offers efficient organization and storage for various items. The white finish ensures it complements your existing decor and provides a functional and visually pleasing solution for your workspace.


            Width: 816; Height: 300; Depth: 296;