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Craft Storage Hutch White

by Teknik
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The Craft Home Office Storage Hutch in white is a versatile and customizable storage solution designed for craft enthusiasts and home office needs.

    • Adjustable Shelf Behind Doors: The hutch includes doors with an adjustable shelf behind them. This design allows you to customize the storage space according to your needs, making it perfect for storing your favourite craft items, office supplies, or other belongings.
      • Open Shelf: In addition to the enclosed storage behind the doors, the hutch features an open shelf. This open shelf provides easy-access storage for items you want to keep readily available and visible.
        • Pegboard Back: The hutch has a pegboard back, which provides a convenient and visible organization solution for your tools and supplies. You can easily hang and arrange your crafting tools and materials for quick access and organization.
          • Enclosed Back with Cord Access: The hutch is designed with an enclosed back and cord access. This feature provides a convenient path for cables, making it suitable for organizing cords and cables from electronic devices or crafting equipment.
            • White Finish: The hutch is finished in white, adding a clean and fresh look to your craft room or home office. The white finish is versatile and can complement various interior decor styles and colour schemes.

              In summary, the Craft Home Office Storage Hutch in white offers a blend of enclosed and open storage solutions, including adjustable shelves and pegboard back for tool organization. It's a practical addition to your craft or home office space, offering customizable storage and organization for your craft items, office supplies, and more. The white finish ensures it not only enhances functionality but also adds to the visual appeal of your workspace.


              Width: 809; Height: 916; Depth: 316;