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Craft Tower - White

by Teknik
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The Craft Tower in a white finish is a versatile and functional storage solution designed to help craft enthusiasts stay organized.

    • Swivel Base: The tower is equipped with a swivel base, allowing it to spin and turn. This feature provides easy access to the storage spaces on all four sides of the tower, making it convenient to retrieve and organize your craft items.
      • Pegboard Back and Corkboard Panel: The craft tower features a pegboard back and a corkboard panel. These elements are useful for keeping your craft items organized. The pegboard back allows you to hang and arrange tools and supplies, while the corkboard panel provides a surface for pinning notes, ideas, or other items.
        • Two Storage Drawers: The tower includes two storage drawers with full extension slides. These drawers offer additional storage space for your craft supplies, tools, or other items. They provide easy access and organization of your belongings.
          • Metal Trays: The craft tower is equipped with metal trays, which provide supplementary storage for items like glue and scissors. These trays keep smaller items neatly organized and within reach.
            • Finished on All Sides: The tower is finished on all sides, making it versatile for placement within your craft room. Its finished design ensures that it can be positioned anywhere in your space, depending on your layout and preferences.

              In summary, the Craft Tower in white offers a unique and practical storage solution for craft enthusiasts. With its swivel base, pegboard back, corkboard panel, storage drawers, and metal trays, it provides a comprehensive and customizable storage system for your craft items. Its finished design allows for flexible placement within your craft room, ensuring that it enhances both functionality and organization.


              Width: 455; Height: 1468; Depth: 510;