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Crusader – Medium Back Mesh Designer Chair with Black Frame Chrome Base – Black

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The medium back mesh designer arm chair is a stylish and ergonomic seating solution designed for comfort and functionality.

    • Chrome Base with Black Frame: The chair features a stylish chrome base with a black frame. This combination of materials adds a modern and sleek look to the chair, making it suitable for a variety of office or workspace settings.
      • Tension Control: The chair is equipped with tension control that is adjustable to suit the user's body weight. This feature allows users to customize the recline and tilt of the chair to their comfort preferences, ensuring a more ergonomic and comfortable sitting experience.
        • Fixed T-Shaped Arms: The chair comes with fixed T-shaped arms. These arms provide additional support for the user's arms and upper body, enhancing comfort and ergonomics during extended periods of sitting.
          • Hooded Castors: The chair is fitted with hooded castors on the chrome base. These castors allow for smooth and easy movement across various types of flooring, making it convenient to move around in your workspace.
            • Seat height: 450-550mm.

              In summary, the medium back mesh designer arm chair offers a combination of style and functionality. Its chrome base, black frame, tension control, fixed T-shaped arms, and hooded castors provide a comfortable and customizable seating solution that is suitable for various work environments.