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Decco - Ribbed Lounge Chair with Black Metal Frame - Brown Leather

Original price £280.00
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Original price £280.00
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Current price £185.00

The Decco Reception Chairs are stylish and comfortable seating options suitable for reception areas, waiting rooms, or office spaces.

    • Brown Leather Design: The chairs feature a brown leather material that not only exudes luxury but also provides a comfortable and inviting seating surface. The brown leather design adds a touch of sophistication to the seating area.
      • Black Metal Frame: The chairs are complemented by a black metal frame, which adds to their modern and sleek appearance. The combination of brown leather and a black frame creates a stylish contrast.
        • Ergonomic Ribbed Design: The chairs are designed with an ergonomic, ribbed backrest that offers support to the back. This design not only looks good but also provides comfort to visitors, making them feel welcome and at ease.
          • Ideal Around a Coffee Table: The chairs are well-suited for placement around a coffee table in a reception or waiting area. This arrangement creates a welcoming and comfortable space for visitors to sit and relax.
            • Multi-Use Compact Design: The chairs feature a compact design, making them versatile for use in various settings, including reception areas, offices, or lounge spaces.
              • Understated Style: The chairs have an understated style that is suitable for a wide range of interior design schemes. Their versatility allows them to seamlessly fit into different decor styles.

                In summary, the Decco Reception Chairs offer a combination of luxury, comfort, and style. The brown leather design, ergonomic ribbed backrest, and black metal frame make them an attractive and inviting seating solution for reception areas, waiting rooms, and office spaces. Their compact and versatile design adds to their broad appeal and suitability for a variety of interiors.


                Height: 790;  Width: 640; Depth: 660; 

                Seat height: 420;  Seat width: 620; Seat depth: 500;

                Back height: 400;  Back width: 650;