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Derby - Leather Seating

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The Derby high back executive and visitors chair is a comfortable and ergonomic seating solution designed for professional environments.

    • Back with Standard Tilt Lock: The chair's backrest comes with a standard tilt lock feature, allowing users to adjust the backrest's angle to their preferred position and lock it in place for added comfort.
      • Deep Cushioned Seat with Waterfall Front: The chair features a deep cushioned seat with a waterfall front design. This ergonomic feature promotes comfort and helps reduce pressure on the knees, enhancing circulation during extended periods of sitting.
        • Faux Leather Executive Chair: Upholstered in a black faux leather finish, this chair not only offers a stylish appearance but is also easy to maintain and clean.
          • Leather Padded Steel Arms: The chair is equipped with leather-padded steel arms, providing additional support and comfort for users.
            • Gas Lift Adjustment with Weight Tension Control: The chair includes a gas lift mechanism that allows users to adjust the seat height to their preferred level. Weight tension control ensures that the chair's recline resistance can be customized based on the user's body weight.
              • Panel Stitched Design with Mesh Inserts: The seat and back of the chair feature a panel-stitched design with mesh inserts. This design enhances ventilation, helping users stay comfortable throughout the workday.
                • Raised Chrome Spider Base: The chair is supported by a raised chrome spider base. This base provides stability and durability while complementing the chair's overall aesthetic.

                  The Derby high back executive and visitors chair combines ergonomic support with a professional appearance, making it an excellent choice for professionals seeking comfort and style in their workspace. The standard tilt lock, deep cushioned seat, and other features contribute to a comfortable and personalized seating experience.


                  Width: 675; Depth: 785; Height: 1160-1230;

                  Seat Height: 490-550; Seat Width: 545; Seat Depth: 545;

                  Back Height: 755; Back Width: 530;