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Economy Sit Stand Desk - Silver Frame

Original price £480.00 - Original price £510.00
Original price
£480.00 - £510.00
Current price £480.00

The description for the "Economy Sit-Stand Desk" highlights its features and design. Here are the key points:

  • Attractive Clean Style with Economy in Mind: This sit-stand desk is designed with an attractive and clean style, while also being budget-friendly.
  • Built-in Memory: The desk is equipped with a memory function that allows users to preset their preferred working heights. This feature makes it easy to switch between sitting and standing positions.
  • Lowest Sitting Position is 65cm: The desk can be lowered to a minimum height of 65cm, allowing users to sit comfortably.
  • Maximum Height 131cm: The desk's maximum height reaches 131cm, enabling users to work while standing.
  • Twin Motor: The desk is powered by a twin motor system, ensuring smooth and reliable height adjustments.
  • Anti-Collision: It features an anti-collision function, enhancing safety by preventing accidental collisions when adjusting the height.
  • Weight Capacity 120kg: The desk is designed to support a weight capacity of up to 120kg, making it suitable for various work setups.

The "Economy Sit-Stand Desk" offers users the flexibility to switch between sitting and standing positions, promoting ergonomic comfort and adaptability in the workspace. Its budget-friendly design makes it a practical choice for those seeking an economical sit-stand desk solution.