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Elev8 Touch - Boardroom Table Add on Unit

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£850.00 - £920.00
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The Elev8² Touch height-adjustable tables offer a unique and versatile solution for transforming corporate spaces, particularly boardrooms, into flexible and interactive meeting areas. These tables are designed to address the issue of prolonged sitting in sedentary office environments, promoting movement and healthier postures during meetings. Here are the key features of the Elev8² Touch height-adjustable tables:

  • Variety of Table Tops: Elev8² Touch tables are equipped with 25mm table tops available in a range of finishes, including beech, grey oak, oak, walnut, and white. This selection allows businesses to choose a style that complements their office decor.

  • Modular Boardroom Table System: The tables can be extended into a modular boardroom table system. Additional single table add-on units and brackets are available to create customized and adaptable boardroom configurations based on the specific needs of the meeting.

  • Integrated Power and Data Modules: Elev8² Touch tables are designed to accommodate integrated power and data modules. This feature transforms the tables into interactive and collaborative workspaces, allowing users to easily access technology and stay connected during meetings.

  • Sit-Stand Height Adjustment: The tables incorporate a sit-stand height adjustment mechanism that is powered by a twin motor. This mechanism enables fast, smooth, and natural transitions between sitting and standing positions. Users can easily adjust the table's height to their preferred level, promoting healthier postures during meetings.

  • Synchronized Base Columns: The three base columns of both the straight table and add-on units are perfectly synchronized, ensuring a consistent and level working surface, even when multiple tables are joined to create a larger boardroom table system.

  • Adjustable Height Range: The three-tiered leg column design offers a wide range of adjustability, with heights ranging from 675mm to 1300mm. This flexibility allows users to tailor the table height to their comfort, encouraging dynamic postures during meetings.

Elev8² Touch height-adjustable tables are designed to promote healthier and more active meeting environments. By offering the flexibility to switch between sitting and standing positions, these tables aim to reduce discomfort, fatigue, and the adverse effects of prolonged sitting, making meetings more engaging and productive.