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Eros - Rectangular Poseur Table with Flat Brushed Steel Rectangular Base and Twin Uprights - White Frame

Original price £440.00 - Original price £465.00
Original price
£440.00 - £465.00
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Eros tables are designed with the right proportions, flawless surfaces, and a sturdy foundation, featuring a robust rectangular base and twin uprights in a choice of black, brushed steel, or white finishes to ensure the highest levels of strength and stability. The Eros design is simple yet stylish, making it suitable for use as a dining table or a meeting table in both traditional and modern breakout spaces or dining areas.

  • 25mm Table Tops: Eros tables are equipped with 25mm thick table tops, available in various finishes, including beech, Barcelona walnut, grey oak, Kendal oak, oak, and white. Additionally, there may be made-to-order (MTO) laminate options for further customization, allowing users to select the ideal tabletop finish for their decor and design preferences.
  • Base and Columns: The tables are supported by a sturdy rectangular base and twin upright columns, available in finishes such as black, brushed steel, and white. This variety of options enables users to coordinate the tables with their existing furniture or interior decor.
  • Simplicity and Stability: Eros tables are designed with simplicity and stability in mind. Their straightforward design makes them suitable for various settings, and their robust construction ensures exceptional stability, making them a dependable choice for different purposes.
  • Rectangular Tables: Eros tables are available in a range of rectangular configurations, making them versatile and adaptable. These tables can be used as dining tables or meeting tables, adding a touch of charm and warmth to office breakout rooms, cafes, and other communal areas.
  • Rectangular Poseur Tables: Eros also offers rectangular poseur tables with flat rectangular bases and twin upright columns, providing a clean and classic look suitable for various interior styles.
  • Comfortable Dining Position: The versatile and adaptable design of Eros tables ensures users can maintain a comfortable dining position for meals or meetings, accommodating various activities and settings.

Eros tables are a versatile and stylish choice for office breakout rooms, dining areas, and other communal spaces. With their range of finish options and durable design, they create an inviting atmosphere while meeting the functional needs of users.