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Eternal - Radial End Boardroom Table 2400mm x 1000mm with Central Cutout 272mm x 132mm

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The conference room setup with tech-friendly features is essential for modern business meetings.

  • Rectangular Cutout for Power Modules: The furniture is designed with a 272mm x 132mm rectangular cutout, providing an ideal size for accommodating power modules. This cutout is specifically tailored for the Aero, Eclipse, or Tholus power modules.
  • Power Module Compatibility: The specified power modules—Aero, Eclipse, or Tholus—are designed to fit seamlessly into the provided cutout. These modules serve as integrated solutions for power and data connectivity within the conference room setup.
  • Tabletop Finishes: The furniture is available in stocked finishes such as beech and white. Additionally, there are made-to-order options in grey oak, oak, and white tops. This variety in finishes allows you to choose the aesthetic that best suits your preferences or existing office decor.
  • Contemporary Styling: The design of the furniture follows contemporary styling, making it well-suited for today's casual business environments. This modern aesthetic adds a touch of sophistication to the conference room.
  • Base Options: The furniture features a flat circular base with a 600mm diameter, providing stability and a sleek appearance. The base is available in two finish options—black and brushed steel. This allows you to select a base finish that aligns with your design preferences.
  • Integrated Power and Data Connectivity: The power modules can be easily dropped into the cutout, and cables are hardwired into them. This integrated setup ensures a tidy and organized appearance, with cables discreetly feeding down to the floor. It promotes a modern and streamlined look in the conference room.
  • Radial End Boardroom Table: The specified setup includes a radial end boardroom table with dimensions of 2400 x 1000mm. This table is designed to accommodate the power modules with a central cutout, providing a tech-friendly solution for collaborative meetings.

By incorporating these features, the specified conference room setup offers a tech-friendly and contemporary solution, promoting efficient connectivity and a modern aesthetic for productive business meetings.


Height: 725;  Width: 2400;  Depth: 1000;