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Eternal - Radial Extension Table

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The Eternal boardroom table collection offers a sophisticated and customizable solution for meeting room needs.

  • Available Finishes: The collection is available in a range of finishes to suit different preferences and office aesthetics. The finishes include beech, oak, grey oak, white, and walnut, providing versatility in design options.
  • Contemporary Styling: The design of the Eternal collection follows contemporary styling, making it well-suited for today's casual business environments. This ensures that the boardroom tables seamlessly integrate with modern office settings.
  • Base Options: The tables feature stylish flat circular bases with a 600mm diameter, adding stability and a sleek appearance. The bases are available in two finish options—black and brushed steel—providing flexibility to match various design schemes.
  • Modular Configurations: The collection offers modular configurations, allowing you to create customized setups that suit the shape and size of your boardroom or meeting room. This modularity enhances flexibility and adaptability in meeting room design.
  • Radial End Extension Table: The collection includes a radial end extension table with a width of 1000mm. This extension table is designed to be used in conjunction with the rectangular boardroom table and square extensions, providing additional options for creating a tailored and functional boardroom setup.
  • Top Material: The tabletops of the boardroom tables are constructed with 25mm tops, ensuring durability and a substantial feel. Additionally, the impact-resistant ABS edging enhances the longevity of the tables.
  • Integrated Power Options: The Eternal collection acknowledges the need for technology support in modern boardrooms. Integrated power options are available, allowing for convenient connectivity and technology support during meetings.

By offering a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and customization, the Eternal boardroom table collection provides a practical and sophisticated solution for various meeting room requirements. The inclusion of modular configurations and integrated power options enhances the collection's adaptability to diverse office settings and meeting scenarios.


Height: 725; Width: 1000; Depth: 1000;