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Eternal - Rectangular Boardroom Table with Central Cutout 272mm x 132mm

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£500.00 - £515.00
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The inclusion of tech-friendly features in a conference room is crucial for modern workplaces. Here are the key features and specifications for creating a tech-friendly conference room using a boardroom table with integrated power and data capabilities:

  • Rectangular Cutout Size: The conference room table is designed with a rectangular cutout measuring 272mm x 132mm. This size is specifically tailored to accommodate power modules, ensuring a seamless integration of technology into the workspace.
  • Power Module Compatibility: The table is compatible with power modules such as Aero, Eclipse, or Tholus. These power modules can be easily integrated into the cutout, providing access to power and data connectivity directly from the tabletop.
  • Finish Options: The boardroom table is available in stocked finishes of beech and white. Additionally, custom finishes in grey oak, oak, and white are made-to-order. This range of finish options allows for flexibility in matching the table with the overall design and colour scheme of the conference room.
  • Contemporary Styling: The table features contemporary styling, making it well-suited for today's casual business environments. This design choice ensures that the conference room maintains a modern and professional appearance.
  • Base Options: The table is supported by a flat circular base with a 600mm diameter. The base is available in two finishes—black and brushed steel—adding a touch of sophistication and complementing the overall aesthetics of the conference room.
  • Integration of Power Modules: The power modules, whether Aero, Eclipse, or Tholus, can be seamlessly integrated into the rectangular cutout. Cables are hardwired into the power modules, ensuring a clean and organized appearance. The cables feed down through the hollow table column to the floor.
  • Rectangular Boardroom Table: The table itself has a rectangular shape with dimensions of 1800 x 1000mm. This size provides ample space for meetings and discussions while accommodating the integrated power and data features.

By incorporating these features, the conference room table becomes a tech-friendly and versatile piece of furniture. It not only offers a contemporary and professional look but also provides the necessary infrastructure for powering electronic devices and facilitating connectivity during meetings. This tech-friendly setup contributes to a more efficient and modern conference room environment.