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Eternal - Square Meeting Table with Central Circular Cutout - Brushed Steel Base

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To create a tech-friendly and modern conference room, the following features and specifications are implemented in a square meeting table with integrated power and data capabilities:

  • Circular Cutout Size: The conference table is designed with an 80mm circular cutout. This size is specifically tailored to accommodate power modules such as Pixel, Pluto, or Inca, providing a designated space for easy access to power and data connectivity.
  • Power Module Compatibility: The table is compatible with Pixel, Pluto, or Inca power modules. These power modules can be seamlessly integrated into the circular cutout. Cables are hard-wired into the power modules, allowing for a clean and organized setup.
  • Finish Options: The table is available in stocked finishes of beech and white. Additionally, custom finishes in grey oak, oak, and white are made-to-order. This range of finish options ensures flexibility in matching the table with the overall design and colour scheme of the conference room.
  • Contemporary Styling: The table features contemporary styling, making it suitable for both casual and formal business environments. This design choice contributes to the modern and professional appearance of the conference room.
  • Base and Column Options: The table is supported by a flat circular base with a 600mm diameter. The base and hollow column are available in brushed steel, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall aesthetics of the conference room.
  • Integration of Power Modules: The power modules, whether Pixel, Pluto, or Inca, can be easily dropped into position within the circular cutout. Cables are hard-wired into the modules, and they feed down through the hollow table column to the floor. This design allows for a seamless integration of power and data connectivity.
  • Square Meeting Table: The table itself has a square shape with dimensions of 1000mm. This size provides a suitable meeting space while accommodating the integrated power and data features.

By incorporating these features, the square meeting table becomes a tech-friendly and versatile piece of furniture, creating a modern and efficient conference room environment. The integrated power and data capabilities offer convenience and functionality, ensuring that the conference room is well-equipped for contemporary business needs.


Height: 725; Width: 1000; Depth: 1000;