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Executive Filing Cabinets - Four Drawers

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To optimize office space and promote productivity, our executive filing cabinets are designed to be space-efficient, allowing for the storage of important documents and serving as dividers to define work areas. The cabinets offer various features to enhance functionality and security.

  • Colour Options: The executive filing cabinets are available in black and grey, providing versatility to match various office aesthetics.
  • Drawer Configurations: Available in 2, 3, and 4-drawer configurations, providing flexibility to accommodate different storage needs. Each drawer has a weight capacity of 35kg.
  • Lockable Drawers: The cabinets feature fully lockable drawers with a 100% extension, ensuring easy access to stored documents while maintaining security. The anti-tilt design adds an extra layer of safety.
  • Master Lock Combinations: With 200 different master lock combinations, the cabinets offer enhanced security measures to protect sensitive and confidential documents.
  • Carcass Construction: The cabinets have a fully welded carcass with no bolts or rivets, contributing to greater strength and durability. This construction ensures the longevity of the furniture in demanding work environments.
  • Full-Length Finger Pull Handles: Functional and practical, the cabinets feature full-length finger pull handles for easy opening and closing of drawers, contributing to user convenience.
  • Foolscap File Compatibility: The cabinets are designed to accommodate foolscap files, providing a suitable solution for organizing and storing various document sizes.
  • High Quality and Stylish: The executive filing cabinets are described as high quality, stylish, and robust, making them suitable for demanding work environments where both aesthetics and durability are crucial.

By incorporating these features, our executive filing cabinets aim to offer a comprehensive and efficient solution for office storage needs, contributing to a well-organized and secure workspace.


Width: 470; Depth: 622; Height: 1321;