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Fixed Desk Acrylic Screen - 700mm - White Frame

Original price £220.00 - Original price £300.00
Original price
£220.00 - £300.00
Current price £220.00

The acrylic desktop protection screens you've described offer a practical and effective solution for creating a safe and hygienic workspace.

  • Material and Thickness: The screens are made from 5mm clear acrylic, providing a sturdy and transparent barrier.
  • Desktop Installation: The screens are fixed to the desktop using two clamp desktop brackets. These brackets are versatile and can be attached to any 25mm desktop.
  • Ease of Installation: The screens are easy to install, making the process convenient for workplaces looking to enhance safety measures quickly.
  • Maintenance and Disinfection: The clear acrylic material is easy to maintain and supports anti-bacterial cleaning. This ensures a hygienic environment by reducing the risk of germ transmission.
  • Visual Contact: While providing a protective barrier, the screens allow for visual contact between colleagues. This helps in maintaining a sense of connection and collaboration while ensuring safety.
  • Height for Social Distancing: The high screens contribute to maintaining social distancing guidelines. By limiting the risk of airborne germs between colleagues, the screens help create a safer working environment.
  • Professional Solution: The screens offer a professional solution to reduce the spread of viruses. This is particularly crucial in times when health and safety are top priorities in the workplace.
  • Versatile Compatibility: The screens are supplied with brackets designed to fit all 25mm desktops, ensuring compatibility with a variety of office furniture.

Overall, these acrylic desktop protection screens provide a comprehensive solution for workplaces seeking to enhance safety, promote well-being, and adhere to social distancing guidelines. Their clear design and easy installation make them a practical addition to modern offices.