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Fonseca II Mesh Back Chair

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£195.00 - £195.00
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High back executive chair with a plush padded headrest.

  • Plush Padded Headrest: The chair is equipped with a high backrest that includes a plush, padded headrest. This design element enhances comfort and provides additional support for the head and neck.
  • Black Fixed Arms: The chair comes with fixed arms in a black colour. Fixed arms provide stable support for the user and contribute to the overall design and functionality of the chair.
  • Lock Tilt Mechanism: The chair incorporates a lock-tilt mechanism, allowing the user to fix the chair at a specific tilt angle. This feature provides flexibility for the user to choose a comfortable and preferred sitting position.
  • Torsion Control: Torsion control is included in the chair's features. This mechanism typically allows for easy reclining or rocking in the chair while providing resistance to control the degree of movement.


Width: 630; Depth: 650; Height: 1110 - 1205;

Seat Height: 470 - 565; Seat Width: 490; Seat Depth: 500;

Back Height: 740; Back Width: 490;