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Harmony - Multi-Purpose Stool with Chrome Sled Frame

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The Harmony stool collection offers a versatile and stylish seating solution suitable for various spaces.

  • Frame Options: The Harmony stool collection is available with both sled and 4-leg frames. The frames come in chrome, providing a modern and polished appearance.
  • Colourful Moulded Stool Shell: The stools feature a grey plastic shell that adds a subtle and neutral touch to the collection. The moulded stool shell is not only visually pleasing but also strong, durable, and easy to clean.
  • High-Density Stackable Stool: The stools are designed for efficient storage with high-density stacking capability. This feature makes them suitable for spaces where storage is a consideration.
  • Multi-Purpose Design: The Harmony stools are versatile and well-suited for various applications. They can be used in dining spaces, meeting areas, and other settings where stylish and comfortable seating is needed.
  • 4-Leg Frame Chair Option: The stool collection is part of a broader range that also includes a 4-leg frame chair available in black or chrome. This allows for design consistency across different seating options.
  • Chrome Finish Legs: The stool comes with chrome-finished legs, adding a touch of sophistication. The chrome finish complements the grey plastic shell and enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Ideal for Contract and Retail Settings: With its durability, easy maintenance, and modern design, the Harmony stool collection is suitable for both contract and retail settings. It can enhance the ambiance of various spaces, providing both style and functionality.

Overall, the Harmony stool collection offers a cohesive and attractive seating solution, making it a practical choice for different environments.


Height: 1160; Width: 510; Depth: 510;

Seat height: 800; Seat width: 510; Seat depth: 510;

Back height: 350; Back width: 550;