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Java 200 - Medium Back Operator Chair - Twin Lever

Original price £95.00 - Original price £150.00
Original price
£95.00 - £150.00
Current price £95.00

The trusty twin lever task operator chair you described is designed for comfort and flexibility in various work settings.

  • Design: Posture curved seat with a waterfall front for ergonomic support and comfort during extended use.
  • Backrest: Contoured and sculpted backrest with integrated lumbar support to promote a healthy sitting posture.
  • Adjustability: Twin lever mechanism allowing for easy adjustment of back height, back rake, and back tilt to suit individual preferences.
  • Under-Seat Skirt: Fitted with an under-seat skirt, providing a clean and polished appearance.
  • Certification: Certified to BS EN 1335 Level 3, ensuring compliance with ergonomic and safety standards.
  • Gaslift: Robust gas lift for easy seat height adjustment, allowing users to customize the chair to their preferred height.
  • Base: Black 5-star base for stability and durability.
  • Usage Duration: Suitable for all-day use (5-8 hours), making it ideal for office environments where users spend extended periods at their desks.
  • Weight Capacity: Supports a weight capacity of up to 110kg, suitable for a range of users.

This task operator chair offers a high level of adjustability and comfort, making it well-suited for environments where individuals may spend a significant amount of time working at their desks. The ergonomic design and certification ensure a comfortable and supportive seating experience.


Seat width: 480; Seat depth: 450; Seat height: 460-600;

Back width: 420; Back height: 500;