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Lattice - Mesh Back Operator Armchair with Fluted Black Nylon Base

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Lattice Mesh back operator armchair is designed to offer practicality, style, and comfort, making it suitable for all-day use in office settings.

  • AIRFLOW Fabric Seat: The chair features AIRFLOW fabric on the seat, providing a comfortable and breathable seating surface for users.
  • Posture Curved Mesh Back: The mesh back is posture curved, offering ergonomic support to promote a comfortable and proper sitting posture during extended periods of use.
  • Gas Seat Height Adjustment: The chair is equipped with a gas seat height adjustment mechanism, allowing users to customize the seat height to their preferred level for optimal comfort.
  • Fully Reclining Tilt Mechanism: The chair includes a fully reclining tilt mechanism, providing users with the option to recline the chair for added comfort. The tension control is adjustable for individual body weight, allowing for a personalized reclining experience.
  • Contemporary Armrests: The chair is designed with contemporary armrests, contributing to its style and providing additional support to the user.
  • All-Day Use (5-8 hours): The chair is suitable for prolonged use throughout the day, making it ideal for office environments where users may need to sit for extended periods.
  • Weight Capacity: With a weight capacity of 110kg, the chair is designed to accommodate users of varying sizes.

This chair appears to offer a combination of ergonomic features, adjustability, and contemporary design, making it a versatile and comfortable seating option for office use.


Seat width: 480; Seat depth: 465; Seat height: 460-560;

Back width: 505; Back height: 485;