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Maestro 25 - Back to Back Ergonomic Desk - Bench Leg Frame in Black

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£580.00 - £685.00
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The Maestro 25 Bench is a versatile and modern office furniture solution designed to balance individual and group activities.

  • 25mm Desktops: The desks feature 25mm melamine desktops, providing a sturdy and durable work surface. These desktops are available in various finishes, including beech, grey oak, oak, white, and walnut, offering flexibility to match different office aesthetics.
  • H-Frame Leg Design: The fully welded H-Frame leg design ensures a strong and stable workstation. The goal post legs, available in black, silver, and white, contribute to the modern and minimalist aesthetic of the furniture.
  • Modesty Panel: Each desk in the Maestro 25 Bench range comes with a modesty panel, adding to the overall design and providing privacy for the users.
  • Cable Management: Single straight desks have single cable access ports, facilitating cable management and helping maintain a tidy workspace.
  • Storage Options: The Maestro 25 range offers a wide range of primary and secondary storage options, allowing users to customize their workspace according to their storage needs.
  • Leg Variety: The Maestro 25 range is designed to provide a wide choice of leg styles, colours, and desk sizes, offering flexibility in creating a workspace that meets specific requirements.

The Maestro 25 Bench is suitable for various office environments, providing a contemporary and functional solution for both individual and collaborative work settings.